Do I need to upload audio to devex + get featured?


Basically it’s extremely expensive to upload audio (it’s like 20 R$ for a 1 second sound). I know it’s been worse before but I don’t want to spend so much for uploading something for one little thing in my game.

The library has lots of sound effects that are really tempting to use but the problem is I have no idea how many of the creators actually had permission to upload the sounds in there. If I use them, will I be ok to devex and possibly get my game featured?

The best alternative is to upload all my sounds in 1 long audio file, but that makes actually putting them into my game a mess. Help would be appreciated.


It would depend on the copyright of the sound, if any. I use music under Creative Commons 4, and I have made them public for anyone to use. For weapons, they are probably hard to determine if they are copyright or not, so I can’t see them being the reason you can’t DevEx.

TL;DR: No.


Ok, thank goodness. I will still try my hardest to find copyright-free sound effects, but this helps out a lot.

  1. Take 2 sounds without permission
  2. Combine them/ pitch shift them via scripts
  3. My sound now :japanese_goblin:

But for real, higher ups would really appreciate it if you don’t take copyrighted sounds. You can take them, upload them, and DevEx (they don’t have time to extensively check your stuff)

… But as far as using other peoples’ sounds, despite their permissions, they honestly don’t care, and unless it’s original soundtracks/ original recorded sound, the uploaders won’t care either, especially if they never play your game and recognize it.

Pitch shifting and combining it with other sounds is both impossible to track and audibly recognize the source for, so it’s your safest passage. Plus, sound effects just sound better when combined with other ones anyway :ok_hand:


Is it really my problem if someone uploads a copyrighted sound without permission anyway? I couldn’t have known


I assume the worst thing that would happen is that the audio track itself would just be deleted, or your game is put under moderation whilst you change the audio.


I also don’t care if someone uses my SFX and music I paid royalties for especially when they don’t give credit or ask for permission.

Seriously though, it’s wrong and changing pitch doesn’t magically transfer royalty rights over to you.


Absolutely. I don’t want to steal people’s stuff, but I also don’t want to have to pay hundreds of robux just for 1 second long sound effects.

I will probably just google what I’m looking for and see if anyone uploaded the sound to Roblox. Maybe there will be a few royalty free ones.


If I were you, I would just use what is in the library, unless it is obvious, that its copyright, such as voice or music from known games, movies, or performers.

As stated above, worst case, the sound is deleted, and game moderated until you agree to Roblox policies again.

Then, once your game starts to make some Robux, definitely use those Robux to start replacing the library sounds with your own, that you are 100% sure you have permission to use.


It’s not about rights, it’s about being able to detect sounds
Roblox does so little to enforce legal obligations outside of titles for games or addressing specific brands (Like Nerf or Coca-Cola for instance which made a conscious effort to let Roblox know)

If it’s brought up to the higher ups due to a dispute, they might do something. But you can absolutely get away with borrowing “knife swing sound” and “metal clang”, overlapping, pitch shifting them, and making it sound like an original sound.


Yes, because that sound may at any moment in time disappear if the copyright owner complains about it. So you’re better off uploading your own sounds that you know you have the license for to use (i.e. it is either a free sound, or you bought a license to use it).

You will not be able to get onto the featured sorts if you cannot show that you are using properly licensed sounds when asked to provide such licenses.


So I just realized I could use the sounds uploaded by Roblox:

Since they probably have the rights for them and more than likely won’t be going after me for using said sounds, I think this is actually the best solution.


Many of the sounds that Roblox uses comes from, all the sounds use one of three licenses on that site;

Zero - You can freely do whatever you want with the sounds,
Attribution - You can do what you want with the sounds, but you must credit the author,
Attribution Noncommercial - You can use the sound in a project, but you can’t earn money off the sound.

I find it funny because there have been a number of sounds that Roblox has used, and as far as I could tell, they didn’t credit the author directly (In regards to sounds with a Attribution license, and in some cases an attribution noncommercial licence).


Yeah, I’ve heard of freesound. I trust that Roblox has done everything necessary to upload sounds to their website, and if they haven’t, oh well. Before custom sounds were even a thing, everyone was using those to begin with, so I won’t sweat it.

Honestly, I’d rather get in trouble for using a sound uploaded by Roblox than a sound uploaded by anyone else, and since Roblox is a major corporation and not some random 12-year-old on the website, I think I’ll take my chances with theirs.


Ironically enough the new music uploaded by Roblox has totally destroyed my new method for finding sounds. Great.