Do I risk being banned because of user-generated content?


So, I just had a game idea that relied heavily on user-generated content - sounds, meshes, decals, etc.
And when I mean heavily, I mean heavily.

I’ve heard a few stories about people being terminated for X and Y but also sometimes because of an inappropriate user-generated content being displayed.

Of course, there are examples to this rule that could answer my question - Bloxburg for instance, has custom decals and Coeptus is nowhere near getting terminated, but I prefer asking for advice.

Is there a risk of me being terminated?

Thanks in advance!

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The only risk you have when using user-generated content, is that if you use that content, without permission(s) from the owner(s), they can report you to Roblox. As long you have permission and credit then, I see no other reasons why you should be in danger.

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I meant that the users would add decals, not me.


Player1 joins
Player1 adds an inappropriate decal
Player2 joins
Player2 reports the game for inappropriate content because of Player1’s decal

Who will get banned? Me? Player1? Nobody?

Thanks in advance,

This is something i’m also concerned about, but as far as I can tell you shouldn’t get in trouble if the content is not native to your game & is purely user inserted. Of course i’d assume it would depend on individual moderators if they were to see such content within your game - would they ban the user, or your game? There is no clear policy on it, but the moderation failure is on the side of Roblox for allowing such content to be approved, not you as a developer.

Inappropriate decals have become a large issue for me recently, i’ve been logging player’s decal ID’s and reporting them when required but i’ve been noticing disturbing patterns in the way these decals are uploaded & moderated indicating a heavily flawed system of image moderation.


Well, both Player1 and the owner of the game is in trouble. Because, if Roblox Moderation founds it before they receive the report, it may close the game and then either warn/ban your account.

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Have you ever got moderated for those types of assets? If yes, have you appealed and was your appeal accepted?

No, I haven’t been moderated for that content but my staff team and I are extremely proactive about immediately banning users of inappropriate decals, logging ALL of their past decal history & reporting every single inappropriate ID accordingly. I applaud for how quick Roblox is to respond to these reports though - the offending assets are usually banned within an hour.

I do expect one day to be moderated for a user utilising an inappropriate decal however, even though it’s ultimately Roblox’s fault and not mine.

(For context, our game has been running for almost 7 years with a decal ID system and we haven’t seen any Roblox moderation over user-content which is great, possibly because we heavily moderate it ourselves.)

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