Do Multi-Place Game Scripts work?

If you look at the menu which lists things like game assets and developer purchases, there is also a section for Game Scripts. Is there any way to use this?
It’s basically where scripts you make can have a source. When you update the source, any script with a reference to the source will be automatically updated, regardless of whether you update the place or not directly (be careful of this though, if you have a test place within a universe, and change the source code for a new update on the test place, but an update not available to the main place, it will break the main place if there are references to things that don’t exist or whatever)


Are they guaranteed to be unobtainable to players except me?

I recall there were a few sneaky ways to grab code from private modulescripts a while back by requiring them and printing script.Source or something like that.

A linked source is an asset of type Lua, they work just like models, but they do not contain instances and cannot be made free. Only those who have write access to it can read. When a server is started, they are downloaded, similarly to LoadAsset from InsertService.