Do not deprecate API until replacements are deployed

With Release notes 466, the notes stated;

Added new events to RunService for easily hooking into the Roblox task pipeline.

But this does not say it was enabled or disabled, and with Heartbeat, Stepped, and RenderStepped being marked as deprecated, this caused confusion among developers and me.

To resolve this, don’t mark API as deprecated until its new replacement counterparts are released and in a working state. Also would be neat to see notes being a bit more in-depth with regards to the availability of API.


The early deprecation was an oversight on our part. We’ll be more careful about staging API replacements moving forward so one or the other is fully supported at any given time.

FWIW, this should mostly affect autocomplete. You are still able to use the old events, though you need to type “Heartbeat” etc manually.

Regarding availability, the new APIs are not turned on yet - this is shown by “Pending” in the release notes. “Pending” will change to “Live” when they are enabled.

For this particular change you’ll also be able to tell when this is enabled from a PSA on the devforum and other communication channels.