Do RemoteEvents, OnChanged Events work across different Places in the same Game?

I want to break my map up into different Places and I need everyone to hear OnChanged Events and RemoteEvents accross the entire game no matter which Map Place they are.

When testing a RemoteEvents on a published game, the Server does not respond to the event if I teleport to another Place within the game.

If it does in-fact work cross-server, how do I properly test it?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t believe remote events work cross server but only in the one game, I recommend messaging service which is basically a cross server remote event.

Thank you. I am reading about it now. The docs don’t specify, but I am assuming the code should be added to every Place?

each remotevent will only work in the place that it is created in. for example:

there are place1 and place2. place1 remoteevents, datastores or any type of scripts will not be able to communicate with the place2’s remotevents, datastore or scripts.
if you want the place2 to have the same type of stuff, you will need to create everything separate for it.

Got it. Thanks again.

On the same note, do you know if I want to get info/count of all the players in the GAME (ie,
game:GetService(“Players”):GetPlayers() ), will it also get the players in the different Places of the Game?

That will only count the amount of players in a single place. I suggest using MesaagingService to periodically report how many players there are in each server and combining that number.

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it will just get the players of the server u are in. it won’t effect any other place or server.

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Awesome. Thanks again for your help

Any advice from experience or resources from Roblox that suggest the maximum size for a map? Does the map size effect the overall game performance or just the load time?

I will also try enabling ‘Game Streaming’ for better performance

To be direct, no, RemoteEvents solely work in their place of genesis therefore you can’t listen to a change across your game universe (not to mention how would you even index such a thing O_O).

You could use MessagingService to accomplish this though, formulating a system whereby on you publish a message to the topic’s subscribers with information regarding the Events being fired.

Having a bit of trouble…
Hi. I want to ensure that VIP/Private Server players are teleported back and forth to the same VIP server instances of the different PLACES of the game. I can teleport fine using TeleportToPrivateServer/TeleportService:ReserveServe. But How do I get back to the main Private server that sent me? Nothing seems to work for me.