Do spam-related rules really matter in messages?

Okay. I get that the forum needs to be as clean as possible and every reply needs to contribute something, and you get a warning if your post doesn’t and it gets flagged.
But should that also be the case in direct messages?
As these are only visible by the sender and the receiver, not the public community, does it really matter if we for example say “I agree” instead of liking?

But it’s a GLOBAL RULE, why not in DMs?
Because certain rules do not make sense in DMs. Why do we need to keep private discussions free of meaningless posts when it doesn’t clutter up anything?
I agree that certain rules should be enforced in DMs, as we do not want personal attacks or NSFW content in DMs. But does it really make sense for the messages to be as strict as the public forum?
Please note that this would only apply to messages that do not include Roblox staff, such as the DET in them.

They are listed in the forum rules for a reason…


I’d appreciate it if these rules were still followed within PMs to keep a professional standard. If a user was commissioning me via PMs, it’d be right to post messages professionally and edit where possible.

There are exceptions say when talking to a friend, then again who would flag their friend?