Do we only talk about Roblox-related development here?

I’m not sure which category this goes in, so I put in Forum Feedback. Let me know if the category is wrong.
So do we only talk about Roblox-related development here? I mean, I know it’s the Roblox Developer Forum, so we cannot talk about anything else?
I’m probably acting stupid.

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You can if you are a Regular. After you become one, you can talk about other things in the Lounge related to Roblox in #lounge:roblox-discussion or off-topic things in #lounge:off-topic. Any other category is purely for development (scripting support, etc.) or platform feedback (bugs and feature requests.)

Also, use the categories wisely. There’s been many users breaking rules around here, so please don’t join them. Read the guidelines carefully and don’t always assume a category’s function from its name.


You should take a look at The community Guidelines and Each category has a “About [catagory-name]” Post which tells you what is allowed to be create a post about and what is not. :slightly_smiling_face:


Okay, sure. I think it tells if the category is about Roblox things or not. Yeah, thank you.

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