Do you have a problem with starting a new project!

anyone have a problem starting a new project where you need to restart and try again.

i know you have to learn but i also have a problem doing an update on a solo project? anyone know why i lack motivation for starting or finishing projects?


You’re doing this by yourself so this is probably why you lack in motivation and other areas, it’ll make your project come along slower.

If you find yourself forcing yourself to work on something without actually wanting or caring to then don’t do it.

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When you start a new project you should consider the time it will take, and what the the project will contain, like what will the game have. Use trello to organise everything and keep track of everything that needs to be done and has been done. Also, think out about the end result. If you start a project and give up like a couple of days or weeks after starting, it will just be easier the next time you start a project to just quit.

I say the best thing to do when starting a project, ask yourself;
Will I be able to complete it?
How much time would I invest into the project? 2 hours a day? 4 times a week, etc?
What am I good at and would I need help from others, like scripters, builders etc?

and most importantly just have fun with, No one is forcing to make a game, take time to plan and think it through before proceeding. As for motivation you can always find motivation by maybe creating a game with friends, and just have fun.