Do you know how to make a delivery quest?

So in my game I decided to make a new room where I add some stuff that people will suggest for my 1k visit celebration. I got lots of requests telling me to make box quest. It goes like this: you pick up a box and head to the storage room and drop it off. Then a leaderboard that counters the boxes you have delivered. The box is a tool if you were wondering. Have any idea how to make that?

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No one here will do it for you. You should at least attempt something before coming here.

Anyways to answer your question attach the box to the player then drop it at the destination. Add 1 to a value when they reach the destination with the box. Boom.

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Mhm looks like a good idea.

So this got in my mind while reading it.

Anyways, You pick up the tool from somewhere and you need to go to the point to drop it off. The player would (suggested) click on a detector that detects the player. We would use a remove event to the player to notify that they have dropped the item. We use the roblox datastore to store the users data on a leaderboard. We add 1 to the current value. Bit hard to understand?

Alright. So. I’ll try explaining it for you. When the player is at the drop off we need to let the server know the exact player that dropped it off. When the server knows the server can then store the data on the correct player.

I want to preface this with the rules of this category.

Please post your code that you’ve tried. Which part did you not understand of my explanation? Which part do you need help with?