Do you like my UI Menu

Hey Im Blood007lol and do you like my UI menu

Thanks you to be here and read this post :blush::wink::grin:


I think It can look a lot better If you change

  • the font of the “GameName”

  • and make the text button color match the color white

  • and change the background color to something more colorful

and maybe add update log on the side just an idea :grinning:

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Thanks for reply and your advices

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Some background colors would look amazing.

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You can put a GFX thumbnail or logo of your game in the menu background, I think it will look good. The “GameName” font wasn’t very good. And it says “0” at the bottom right, I think it should be a currency, it would be better if you hide it.

I agree with you, it’s a good idea.

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Here is what you should do:

  • Change the background because it is kinda boring.
  • Change the game font
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For People want to know the new UI i make