Do you like Photoshop, or prefer something else?

Please tell me if this is the wrong category.

Hey! I just got Photoshop today and want to know your experience with Photoshop (or what you use for UI design) and your rating of it. Thanks!



I Really don’t like photoshop. When I looked the prices I was shocked, 50 dollars for 1 month. I use Blender and Photopea for my UI and Thumbnails.

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Yeah me as well, luckily, I used the Photography plan that is ten dollars a month for that and Lightroom. I used Photopea for a while then wanted to use Photoshop. Thanks for your comment!

i just use paint .net very epic software

can confirm. very epic software.

all of the above was done in PDN, as well as everything on my portfolio and everything in every game i’ve ever worked on. if you needed characters, you would have to include blender into your tools, but even that can be sent back into PDN.

I hate photoshop. It’s a great program if you have the money, but the monthly fees are just annoying, even at $10. Get something like Krita or Ibis Paint X. Actually, combine Krita and Ibis Paint X, and you pretty much have a free photoshop.

definitely worth it, I the price maybe shocking at first but it’s worth it if it’s used by professional artists.

Photopea is basically free online photoshop with a bit less features

well i like to use plixr. its good for beginners.

here’s what i’ve made with plixr:

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Photoshop is the absolute best. Photopea is just a wannabe clone but whatever floats your boat.

I use a combined mix of Photopea and Pixlr.
Each one is good for It’s own reason.
I use Pixlr to make the main picture with it, then I use Photopea to crop and make some other changes then finally import it into Pixlr for the final product.

Photopea isn’t a “wannabe” clone, it’s a free, easily accessible tool available to anyone with the same feature set as Photoshop. I completely switched from Photoshop to Photopea.

I do have photoshop however i almost never use it.

As an gfx artist i would rather using blender, not only for lighting/effects but also for the image background and when needed just an mobile app for fonts/filters (i recommend using Polish)

Photoshop isn’t only expensive, but it’s also really hard to learn and i don’t think most people do have the time/money needed for the app.

Another great option is GIMP! It’s a “photoshop clone” but its free and open source, plus you can import photoshop brushes! It could also be a great option to “try” photoshop before deciding to pay a huge amount of money.

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For UI designing, I would definitely rate Figma 5/5. It may be hard to get into for beginners, but you can do everything with it once you got it.

granted photoshop is expensive but it has way better qaulity then any other editing software out there (Except windows enhancer)

I personally use Photoshop just because I’ve gotten so used to the UI of it for so long now it’s just the fastest for me, but at the end of the day it comes down to your own preferences, some people will go with other softwares which is completely fine as long as it’s working for them but some go with softwares more known. Hopefully that makes sense.

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I don’t use Photoshop. Never had. The only experience of me with Photoshop is when I went to Adobe’s website to see the price for Photoshop and…let’s just say that wasn’t a pleasant experience…:laughing: I use Figma mostly for my UIs and a pinch of Pixlr.

I always use Paint .net for my UI designs, I have tried Photopea and It seems really hard to start with all the time, that’s why I use Paint .net, I am so used to Paint .net that I can’t use any program, Its also the simplest tool to design UI.

Paint .net is really good, whether you want a quick simple software to design a logo, background design, or hilarious photo edit, and great community and plugin support allow you to add a feature or effect to the software if it isn’t there already. It’s really fast too, as I can open an image, crop it with a few clicks, then just copy it into another application easily.