Do you think the TopBar should have an "Auto-Hide" feature?


So I was a reading a post about giving developers an API to show the battery percentage of a mobile device, but was not permitted due to a reason on how Roblox wants us to embrace every single pixel on our screen, so I thought about the TopBar.

What About the Top Bar?

We developers are limited to only make the top bar somewhat hidden, and considering what the Roblox staff member said about taking advantage of every pixel of our screen, it seems that hiding certain elements is not enough. So I came up with an idea (You must know by now from the title).

Should we be granted access to auto-hide the TopBar?

I want to know your thoughts on auto-hiding the TopBar and what are Advantages and Disadvantages of such feature.

Feel free to express yourself :slight_smile:



You already can hide the top bar entirely by using the “SetCore” function. Just put the following in a local script and you are good to go:

game:GetService("StarterGui"):SetCore("TopbarEnabled", false)

Click here for more information about the “SetCore” function.

Also, if this feature wouldn’t exist, you would need to post this topic on the Studio Features subcategory as you would be requesting a new feature instead of asking a question. (Considering how the topic was written.)


(Correct me if I’m wrong)
Doesn’t the “SetCore” function leave some buttons on the top of the screen?




It only leaves the menu button and the age of the player, but those are required as the player should always be able to interact with the menu, and the parent should be able to monitor the age of their child.

If we think simple, many players use that menu to leave the game they are playing instead of Alt+F4 or the Windows/Mac close window button. This is just one of the reasons it shouldn’t be hidden.

Also while adding extra information, (like the image you posted) consider editing your answer instead of making a new one.


Auto-Hiding the TopBar does not necessarily disable its functionality. As seen in the video, hovering over the top of the screen or pressing Esc will reveal the TopBar with its “Enabled” elements, so interaction should not be a problem.

Im not sure what you mean by this, but isn’t the parent supposed to know all the account information of a child’s Roblox account as per creation of the account?


I think developers should have the option to toggle this on, just like any other feature on Roblox. I believe that Roblox should provide more custom features that developers can have a wider range of things to work with and make it custom to their needs.


This is a really good feature. Allows for cinematic scenes that have all core guis invisible. I would definitely use this feature in game intros, or basically any screen gui that covers the entire screen.


I agree that the Roblox menu needs to stay. However, I always thought how odd it is to have two game menus, one for Roblox and one for the game features. A developer can hide their custom menu during cutsenses or something temporarily, but if we had the option to hide the Roblox menu, I think it would be abused or just used wrongly.

It would be a good idea to somehow merge the Roblox and developer’s menu into one menu. Maybe some sort of API that allowed devs to add pages to the menu? Not sure how that would work but it’s just a thought. Maybe Roblox could even offer different styles or screen positions for their menu to fit games better. More immersive games could use a less limited Roblox gui experience.

Not a rant on the Roblox core guis or anything, just some food for thought!


I agree with you, the CoreGuis are a representation of the Roblox Brand (in my opinion) and hiding the TopBar could mean that we don’t want to represent the platform (to an extent if abused).


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On-topic, I don’t think it’s necessary. As what mrfergie has said, it can be wrongly used. Developers (a.k.a people who have edit access to the game) already have free cam mode, so yeah


I like this idea, but its just about making sure the players still know how to open the menu. But I still want this.


The ability to completely hide the topbar can spark some discussion; some developers love the idea, other developers think it can be abused, and they’re both completely correct

I think this shows a good mix between customizability and [for lack of a better word] abusibility. Of course, you can’t completely disable the topbar since players need to access the menus. But being able to compact it so that there’s no buttons or icons obstructing your screen is a big one-up in my opinion.

I can see this working very well on desktops due to having a mouse, and XBox since it’s completely gamepad-controlled. However, how do you propose this work on touchscreen clients? Hardly anyone’s gonna know that can you can swipe your finger awkwardly to the top of the screen to access the menu. Swiping down from the top might work on Apple devices, but Android has its own swipe-from-the-top feature that accesses the top menu

I dunno, not to say that I don’t want it, but how could it be implemented universally?


Good point, perhaps mobile devices could have a special gesture to unhide the TopBar, or a few seconds of being Idle will unhide it.


If this were to be implemented, I think there should be a tiny indicator at the top of the screen that would indicate “Hover Mouse Over Here” or “Drag 2 Fingers Down” then would disappear after a few minutes and there would be a setting to disable this indicator once the player gets used to the feature.


I think this would definitely be a useful feature! I thought it was great how you thought about how the menus should still be accessible and added the hover over feature.


in my opinion, i think that this would be a cool feature. however, i see a few disadvantages which might need to be addressed.

  • can use whole screen for ui
  • can make games a little more immersive
  • no functionality of topbar lost (backpack, chat, etc)


  • can be confusing if someone doesn’t know how to re-open
  • android’s topbar might interfere with roblox’s (if the gesture is the same, also don’t know about apple i’ve never had one)
  • you can’t see your health unless you pull it down or make your own health gui

the disadvantages i see can possibly be fixed, though.

list of fix ideas

the first one, there can be an indicator explaining how to show the topbar again. this could appear after about 3 seconds of standing still

(click to show really bad sharex example image)

the second one might be fixed with a dedicated button, or possibly using android’s (again, don’t know about apple!!) built-in menu button that appears in the navbar.

and finally, the last one might slightly defeat the purpose of the auto-hide topbar, but it can probably just show health without moving it. or, it can make health like a sliver filling the whole top screen, but that might be a stretch.

i know you love my terrible sharex examples!

all in all, i do support this idea, and i hope that the roblox staff consider this.

also i do kinda agree with aorda you probably should have made a feature request


That’s true, there is a possibility that there may be conflicting gestures with the Roblox App and a user’s Device and I really like how you put your suggestions into visual.

As for putting this into a feature request, I initially wanted to gain insight on this matter and of course everyone’s perspectives to see how such feature would thrive on the platform.