Do you think this game can reach front page?

Roblox deserves something unique and for all ages. Too many grindy games.

I decided to build this game Downhill Rush - Roblox

I’m wondering if it’s worth it in the longer run.

I love roblox and I’m hoping my game can blow up and I can continue working on it.

I mean a lot of my friends enjoy it but you should try advertising it more on roblox and social media. You could also add a comedic feature to it to make it more interesting. Also i am looking to launch my game how did you get that player count?

This is my opinion: From what I could tell there is only one map. It was very easy. I wouldn’t play again. I suggest making many more maps and make the “lobby” a little more detailed with less colour. I also suggest adding Mario Kart style items to pick up as boosts or fails

I enjoyed the game! However, the majority of players on Roblox play on mobile. Based on the chats they sent, they’re saying that the controller button is missing most of the time. This makes them think the game is broken so I recommend fixing that mobile bug immediately.

Other than that, I would like a highscore leaderboard to be implemented too!