Do you think this thumbnail + icon is good for sponsoring?

I’m probably going to try sponsoring my restaurant game. Do you think the icon and thumbnail would be “appealing” enough for a user to want to click it? I bought them by the way I didn’t make them.

You can see the icon on the group games page.

Sorry I don’t have the files right now.

yeah, unique colors, good font for the words and very bright colors that can be eye catching. One problem is that I can not really see the words, “Coastal and Cove” for your icon.


Personally, if I was someone looking at the games page and seeing the logo, the logo definitely would grab my interest and show me the bit that’ll definitely get me to want to join the game, the thumbnails themselves.

The thumbnails, in my opinion, perfectly manage show the main aspect of the building of the restaurant as simple as it can show it. There aren’t any major edits besides a border around it showcasing the name of the restaurant group, which honestly helps as it doesn’t take away from showing the users the main attraction, the build.

What I also like is that in this case, if I see correctly, the images were taken straight from Roblox itself rather than a render of the place, which is a good choice as it helps show the users the place without any sort of “Barrier” that would make the user believe it was edited to look good. That would completely remove any sort of criticism like that as they see in front of them from the thumbnails that they’re taken straight from the game itself rather than a render of the build (which is also a good choice to not render it because of the time it would’ve taken if the GFX designer doesn’t have a strong enough PC)

The icon definitely does its job at attracting users whilst not being an eyesore to look at, plus it suits the style you have going for in your group. The subtle effects, such as the smoke from the grill and the light coming from it and so on help show the users that effort was placed onto the logo rather than a quick one made, which may not help much, but will show them that effort was done in aspects of the game

The only complaint I have (which isn’t really a complaint relating to the thumbnail and icon), is the fact that the logo of the group has a completely different style from the group games, which I dont think many will be bothered by that seeing as the group’s logo isn’t the main attraction.

Overall I definitely believe that the thumbnail and icon are good for sponsoring as they should be able to attract as many people via the icon, and make them want to join via the thumbnails

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