Do You Use A Collapsed Ribbon or Expanded Ribbon?

I want to get an idea if it is worth factoring in the Ribbon’s state when building a UI, so I am going to do that by collecting some data on the subject.

  • Collapsed Ribbon
  • Expanded Ribbon

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You posted this in the wrong category, since this has nothing to do with scripting and rather with UI Design. #development-support:game-design-support would be the right place I think, I might be wrong tho. (Besides that, expanded ribbon ftw)

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I’m willing to bet that a majority have the ribbon menu expanded, but only because they don’t know that it can be collapsed.

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I’d completely forgotten that the SystemMenu can be re-enabled, thanks for reminding me!
Turns out that you can’t re-enable it and that my memory did serve me correct, they did remove it a long time ago, but you still can collapse the ribbon which is a nice little feature.

Maybe, but I would like to give those that do a chance to add to the poll.

I mean for me, either way is fine.

It took me a while to figure out the numbers here…

Didn’t realise we had the option to pick both, oops.