Does anyone have a spot open in their room?

Hey, so I planned on going to RDC this year by myself and had made plans with someone to split a room. Earlier this week I found out that they hadn’t purchased the room yet and now it’s sold out.

Is there anyone out there willing to split their RDC hotel room price even more so I have somewhere to sleep during the event?


There is similiar topic, Looking to share a room


That thread is almomst two weeks old, and OP is looking for someone that already has a room.


English mistake in the person’s thread, read althought description.

Both OP and the OP of the thread you posted are looking for rooms and aren’t able to purchase a room; posting that thread doesn’t help.


They added a new hotel option at the Crowne Plaza right down the street for the same price on the spashthat page.

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