Does anyone know how i could recreate this?

I want to recreate the move from that video I just cant figure out how i could get all the spikes to spawn, randomly like in the video. if anyone has any ideas please share them.


clone a spike, rotate and position it randomly relative to the enemy character’s position

wouldnt that just be one spike though? this where my problem comes in im not sure how i would clone in that many spikes around the enemy character.

I think the person used Blender particles or Roblox particles.

Well I am guessing it is using something verify if enemies are in front of the character and you can see how it uses the particles to find the slices nowhere the spikes should be with rotation.

Try using a for i loop to clone a spike x amount of times, parent it to workspace, randomize the orientation and offset the position of the spike relative to the enemy character.

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