Does anyone know how to disable a tool?

How do you disable a tool… like make it so you cant hold it out, while at the same time it can be in your inventory.

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You can disable a tool at the “Tool” property, but also renaming the handle to something other than Handle should help also (you may need to uncheck the “RequiresHandle” property, to avoid an error message). I haven’t tested this suggestion, yet.

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alrighty thanks for the help! im going to be using this but i was too busy trying to figure out something…

also if you don’t mind me asking, but do you know how to edit all children inside a model?
–using a script

Server Script:

local Model = game.Workspace.Model

for i,v in pairs(Model:GetChildren()) do

After the “do” line, and before the “end” line, place whatever code you want inside. (v = something inside the Model.)

for i,v in pairs() do is basically an advanced loop. Generally, this is used to iterate over a table, or I also use it to iterate over members of an Instance by using :GetChildren() , ‘i’ being the index of a table, and ‘v’ being the value of the index. In this case, ‘v’ will be equal to something inside the Model.

Please note that the thing about pairs is that there is no predictable order it will iterate over, much unlike ipairs which iterates over arrays in a chronological order.