Does anyone know how to fix a motor6D bug?

Basically what happens is I attach a motor6d to the player’s arm for a tool when they equip a weapon. This allows me to change the cframing of the sword in animationTracks. The problem is when the player is ragdolled they randomly respawn because the sword starts hanging off of the arm, and swinging back and forth.

Anyone know how to fix this?

Tried setting the motor6d’s Enabled property to false when the player is ragdolled, but this doesn’t solve the situation.

Could this be because your ragdoll script is assuming that the Motor6d connecting the sword, is one of the characters joints, therefore treating it like a ligament?

Yeah I already figured out the issue that was it. Thanks for the help though!

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In the ragdoll script you could check if the Motor6D’s name is not “Handle” or whatever your Motor6D is called.

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