Does anyone know where to find the pre-anthro r15 walk and run animation?


Title says it all really. For some reason, even when I un-equip the rthro run animation, it still applies. Does anyone know where to find the old animations?


Do you use Anthro in your game? It will always auto equip if you’re using it.


No i’m on a blank baseplate and the default walk animation for r15 seems to be anthro. This might be because r15 and anthro have been rolled into one thing now through.


I don’t believe it’s still on the website, because I checked old models and the animation id is the same as the rthro anim ids

this means the old r15 animations have been overridden by rthro ones (pretty sure)

so the only way to get them would to be if someone saved the walk and run animations before they got changed


Yes, that is true.


I’ll DM you the file when I get on my PC.


Can you share a copy of the file on here as well? It would help myself and a lot of other people who came to this topic for help