Does building require much skill?

I know some aspects of building requires skill such as terrain editor and mesh building from blender, but what about building with parts? All you have to do is change the color and material of the part and then move, scale, and rotate them. If you want you builds to look good then you just need high expectations for yourself. I might receive lots of hate on this topic but just stating my opinion. I wanna hear more thoughts whether or not my point is valid or not .


Not sure if this post belongs here but. I would say building requires skill. The reason being, is that there is a clear difference between a well experienced builder and someone who opened studio for the first time. And that difference is skill.

Building requires skill in the aspects of knowing and understanding how to use your parts to detail your buildings. Knowing your color pallets and how to match colors so that your color looks vibrant all while keeping the theme of your build are critical and is often what separates an experienced builder from an amateur. In addition other factors such as knowing and using your increments correctly, and the understanding of lighting properties to bring life to your building are critical to making your builds look good. These are not things that you can understand the moment you open studio, rather it is what you learn from experience.

Of course this is a great opinion, but I hope I helped you understand from a builder’s view!


I guess I was only looking at only 1 aspect of building lol