Does changing the Weld C0 or C1 change the position of the part as well?


The title says it all. I want to know if changing the weld C0 or C1 change the position property of a part as well? I know it changes the offset. But will it also affect the position property of a part / instance / object as well?


I’m pretty sure it does. You could run a test yourself to determine this by printing the position before and after the weld CFrames are modified.

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To be more specific: the positions do change under the condition at least 1 part is unachored. CFrames (C0 and C1) store both a position and a rotation, so changing the position “offset” of the C0 or C1 with change the position of the parts since those “offsets” are from a center point. If both parts are unachored, it may be difficult to determine which moves if not both.

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Another thing to remember is that once welded, you can only move the parts with body movers or CFrames. Changing the Position removes the weld.