Does Humanoid.PlatformStand replicate?

What I am asking is, if I change this property on the server, is it possible that the humanoid movement physics calculations made by clients get replicated to the server, hence making it possible for exploiters to break the effect?

Asking because this is the way I am handling a stun and I do not wish to temporarily Anchor the HumanoidRootPart unless absolutely necessary as that makes the character hang in air and would be a nuisance to fix.

Thanks in advance!

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Developer Hub doesn’t have a [notreplicated] tag next to it, so I’d say so.

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Doing some more reading, it seems that Humanoid.Sit does replicate so it is pretty much guaranteed Humanoid.PlatformStand does too.

EDIT: But what is funny is that they write that Humanoid.Jump does replicate in one article, yet they write it does not replicate in the next one.

I’ve already experimented with this, yes they all replicate to the server and the majority of player movement does too.


I am pretty sure that it isn’t replicated if changed from client, however is replicated when changed from server.

Humanoid.JumpPower and Humanoid.WalkSpeed don’t have the Not replicated Tag too, yet exploiters can change then and the server doesn’t notice.

It is worth testing, try changing it from the client(Property or Humanoid:ChangeState(Enum.HumanoidStateType.PlatformStanding)) and switch to the server and see if replicated.

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