Does Kunena have any search filters that return only OPs of threads?

Sometimes I’m searching for a particular thread posted here and it becomes a hassle every time I come across a 4-page thread that has every post displayed in the search results. It’d be nice if I could limit the search to one post per thread, so I was wondering if Kunena had any search filters I could manually put into the address bar to do this. I can’t find any documentation on their search filters, so I have to ask other people at this point.

(by search filters I mean ?titleonly=1, &exactname=1, &childforums=1, &limit=5 etc)

Example: Searching “test” in titles only and 20 results per page comes up with:

lua bignum: 9 times
500k part: 7 times
beta testers: 4 times

Needs “ignore duplicate threads” checkbox

Still searching google for a possible url edit solution