Does :LoadCharacter() work in localscripts?

I somehow remember about it not working in local scripts, but I am not sure. Just need a quick answer so I don’t have to rewrite my script :slight_smile:

No it doesn’t
It can only be executed on the server

Thanks, yet I really think roblox should remove that. It just makes me have to use :FireServer() :stuck_out_tongue:

It won’t allow you to use it because some exploiters can mess around with it. The best choice for you is to create a RemoteEvent, fire it from the Client and use the function from the Server.

If it were to work on the client then it would only be client-sided but if it were to be on the client AND replicate then it would be prone to exploiters. Just use remotes.

Does this mean that if I put remoteEvents in a GUI, exploiters have access to it and can use :FireServer()? Do I have to put it in ServerStorage Instead?

If you it inside ServerStorage then the LocalScript won’t have access to it. The best way is just to load your own Character so exploiters can’t abuse it.

My question is, is it insecure to put RemoteEvents inside of Guis? Ts there a safe place for it if it isnt secure?

RemoteEvents in guis are accessible by the client (exploiters) but you should really be using server-sided checks to make the remote safe