Does making a game like this will result you to a ban?

Hello. I got a game idea called The Casino I want to add in-game money and gambling, NOT Robux gambling I decided to add an option to buy in-game money with Robux then I said nope because players could spam at purchasing so with that said will I get banned for any reason or not? (there is also a game called Arcade World or something like that)

As long as it doesn’t involve real currency(like R$) you should be fine.

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Alright but last time some people said you will get banned

gambling is not allowed on roblox even if you dont include robux

You are allowed to have gambling, as long as it doesn’t involve robux. This means if the currency is purchasable with robux, you cannot gamble that currency. However if it’s not, it’s fine to gamble it.

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A popular game called “Urbis” Made by a Front Page Developer/Intern Has a Gambling casino that involves In-Game Cash. Casinos are Allowed Just dont include Real Money Gambling.