Does making offscreen GUIs invisible do anything?

I’m wondering if making an offscreen GUI invisible (e.g. one at {2, 0, 2, 0}) does anything. Does Roblox still spend resources on rendering the thing if it’s not visible to the user but still “visible”?
Either way it wouldn’t be a huge performance boost, but if setting .Visible = false is best practice that would be good to know.

Not sure, but I think setting the visibility is just better and easier. Plus, it’s not very costy to do either. I would only set a gui offscreen for tweens and stuff.

Roblox themselves make turn the visibily off of a GUI element when it’s tweened off screen. For example the players leaderboard drop down menu, when you click someone’s name it slides a gui screen to the left, and when you click off, it slides back to the right, and when it’s fully tweened to the right, the visibility is set to false. It just makes intuitive sense to set the visibility to false when you don’t want the player to see the GUI even after tweening it off screen. Regarding the performance, it should have practically no impact.