Does making parts invisible/moving parts to another location help with lag?

Hey! I was wondering if making parts invisible would help with lag. My game requires you to go through a bunch of portals and a lot of worlds. I want it so that when you go through a portal, all of the parts in the previous world unload until you go back, but I just wanted to make sure making parts invisible would “unload” them and help with lag. If that doesn’t work, would moving parts to the ReplicatedStorage or something work? I just want to make sure until I do this in my game.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure making parts invisible or putting them in ReplicatedStorage will definitely help with performance as the client’s computer does not have to render the parts, along with the textures, colors, materials, etc.

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Making parts invisible do not help with lag, but moving them to ReplicatedStorage does help. If the parts are on the player’s client it still causes performance issues. Why? Cause each part has properties and the client has to load these properties. Such as Anchored, CanCollide, etc…