Does my fighting game Madness have potential?

Hi, I was wondering if I could get some feedback on my game. I feel conflicted whether or not I should advertise it. Does it have potential? The reason I ask is it has gotten a few thousand visits without ads.

Game:Combat Grounds [NEW SEASON] - Roblox

Edit: I think I fixed the glitch you guys were talking about, the funny thing is it wasn’t happening to me. But I hoped it fixed.

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So, when I clicked play, it took me to Poppy’s Playtime tycoon?

Is that the game or is it something else?


Probaly he used a free model that had a virus?

I sure love 2 player poppy play time tycoon! Best game on roblox!

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Could be, I don’t think it’s a tycoon game.

Also, if you want to stop the teleporting go to game settings → security → then turn off third party teleports.

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Thats weird, I dont have any teleports in the game.

Probably a virus from a free model. Do what I said above and it should fix it.