Does my music Fit the Environment?

Hey, I made these two songs for a client. Wondering what you guys think of em, do they fit with these pictures?


Yeah, this should fit in the shown pictures :+1:

One question: Do you know who created those two soundtracks?

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Thank you, and the music is made by me

Really impressive music, they both sound great. Keep up the good work.

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This is some great sound design! I have a question though.

  1. Do you plan on using your music to help with any game? (eg. Arsenal, CounterBlox, etc)

I’d most certainly think you’d be able to make some great (not really soundtracks, but i hope you get the idea) Some great sound design, regardless.

Good job Pr_edict!!

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Okay, thanks Pr_edict and very good music you’ve composed!

Thanks and yes I’ve been composing on this platform for almost a year now, I’ve helped many awesome developers and did my best to create music that could contribute to the games immersive experience.