Does ROBLOX have a API to get the value history of a limited?

Hello, I am trying to create a script that gets the average value of a limited. The script is almost finished. However, I am struggling to get a graph with the value history of a limited. I know that Rolimon’s shows the item value history of a limited but I do not know the API that they use to get the data for it.

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Roblox does not provide any values for items. Instead, websites like Rolimons have their own staff updating items’ values. I’d suggest trying to make a module that gets the data from Rolimons or some other website. I have a module for this, which is open source:

Accutrix/Rolimons: A module for interacting with the Rolimons website

Rolimon’s API provides the current value of a limited not a graph with the value history of a limited.

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