Does RunService bug when it is misused

I was wondering this question more or less pertinante x)

because I find it interesting runService

When the syntax is misused you will get an error.

When you use RunService functions in the wrong situations you could get performance issues.

What do you mean “misused”? Could you give an example?

It’s hard to understand what you mean by ‘misused’?

RunService can cause problems with experience performence if you’re using render-based events and functions. They could be better than while (true) or while (wait()) statements, but performence is based not only on used tools but also how they’re used. Some events are also based only on client or server so some of them just won’t run.

If you could precise more what do you want to know, then we’ll tell you more about it.

Yes I am really sorry, I am French, and I am learning English, but I often use it badly.