Does split testing for product prices violate any rules?

Let’s say I offer the player the ability to revive themselves after dying by purchasing a developer product (otherwise they have to wait until the next round).

Am I allowed to split the players into two cohorts—one that has to pay 100 robux for the revive, and one that has to pay 200 robux? The purpose of this would be to determine which price point would result in more income if it was the set priced, based on analytics. i.e. how much people are willing to pay for the product. The main benefit would be from testing a different price point for a small sample, while the price point for other users isn’t disrupted.

Which “cohort” you are in would be determined by something convenient, like last digit of user is <=5 or > 5.

that is… a pretty unusual marketing strategy, but it doesn’t break the rule because the product’s “Price” is clearly shown when GamepassPrompt is being activated, and they pay for something in return as usual.

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It’s not unusual at all. Split Testing (A/B Testing) is very common place when developing products. Roblox uses it for new website features and I’m sure many other systems, too.

I’ve looked through the Community Rules - and cannot find anything that states all players must pay the same amount at the same time for products, so I’m confident this is not going against any rules.


A/B testing and using analytics cohorts to determine pricing is a games industry standard nowadays, and doesn’t break any terms or rules. You just need to ensure that players are shown the correct price they will be paying as to not make purchases misleading.

Do be very aware of the potential community backlash this could cause though. If you are differentiating in-game currency prices it is a lot more forgiving, but with many players playing together with friends they are bound to find out about your ‘strategy’ quickly.


I’d feel cheated if I figured this out.

Your players would probably dislike this. Considering it’s not a usual thing in Roblox games, they’ll probably like it even less…