Does storing AnimationControllers or other rigging elements in models inside workspace cause lag?

This is a highly specific question, but one I would like to find some sort of answer to nonetheless.

I am working on a project with custom animated doors using custom rigs and animationcontrollers which will be used on possibly tens if not a few hundred doors across a map.

Does storing these at all times inside an object cause optimization issues? Should I possibly seek to implement these elements only once needed, or does it not matter at all if I do?

Answers would be appreciated. Thank you.


Not sure about AnimationControllers, but Humanoids in Workspace definitely add tons of lag.

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I messaged a friend who programs on ROBLOX via social media regarding this. Their answer was that generally speaking, animation controllers shouldn’t cause issues if stored in the workspace even in large quantities.

As said:

Humanoids, due to their… Arguably archaic nature can cause trouble, and are even a bit memory leaky. My friend reaffirmed this.

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