Does TeleportService behave in VIP/Standard servers?

I’m familiar with TeleportService as I have tried to make a dungeon game before, but before I go forwards with using this, I’m very confused on how I would go about VIP servers being involved and the information online isn’t quite enough (or perhaps I’m not looking in the right places).

My situation: my game is getting to the point where it’s so large that mobile players crash upon entering. So I plan on my next update to split the map into 3 dimensions and use Packages to get the scripts universal between them. Players will be able to teleport individually or in groups which they band together in game.

Problems/concerns: I still want these extra dimensions to act as a public server in which other players can join via friends profiles or joins. The only difference between these dimensions is that the first and lower level dimension is the first place they get to if they simply press play. Now the issue arises is when groups of 4 people (maximum of 5) goes into a server where there’s 17/20 players already in it. Would that mean one random person won’t be able to join? Or will the teleport fail and potentially cause bugs in both servers?

My next issue: how would this behave in VIP servers? If people who bought VIP servers teleport to another dimension with a group (who all have access to the owners VIP server) or solo, would they be teleported to a public server? I personally think I shouldn’t use reserve server as I thought that meant no one else can join that game, which wouldn’t be good if a group of players go to dimension 2 in a VIP server, and another person in dimension 1 wishes to join them later, they wouldn’t be able to if I use the ReserveServer function.