Does the Player:Kick function restrict a player from joining the server they were kicked from?

I am attempting to learn about the Player:Kick command, and one important detail I cannot find anywhere is: can the kicked player rejoin the server they were kicked from? I know this is not a ban, so they can join back the game (And there are no datastores involved either), but I’m curious about them joining back the very server they got kicked from. If not, will the client automatically pick a server they haven’t been kicked from? Or will it just follow the normal criteria for finding a server to join?

This is quite the difficult thing to test, so I have come here seeking answers. I couldn’t find anything on the Devforum on my own.

Player:Kick doesn’t blacklist the player from the server. They can always join back. If this were the case it would be documented, however this isn’t the case.


Thank you! That marks my thread solved.