Does this board game have potential on roblox?

Lots of UX aspects to improve on for sure. The UI is also really bad. But i’ve almost got a MVP working, I wonder how you all that haven’t been suffering in the studio the past few days will feel about it. The spymaster role doesn’t fully work yet! But you can try it out to see a sample of what it will be like (you can’t see the answers lol).

How to play:

Spy Saga is a word association game that involves two teams and a set of secret words. The goal of the game is for one team’s Spymaster to give clever clues to help their teammates correctly guess the words associated with their team, without accidentally leading them to guess words associated with the opposing team or a neutral word.


  1. Setup: The game is played with a grid of word cards placed on the table. Each word card has a word written on it. There are two teams: the Red team and the Blue team. One player from each team is selected as the Spymaster, and the remaining players are the Operatives.
  2. Word Grid: The word cards are arranged in a 5x5 grid, with each card representing a secret word.
  3. Spymasters’ Clues: The Spymasters take turns giving one-word clues and a number. The one-word clue should be related to the words on the table, and it should help their teammates guess the correct words. The number represents the number of cards that the clue is related to.
  4. Guessing: After hearing the clue from their Spymaster, the Operatives try to guess the words associated with their team by selecting the corresponding word cards from the grid. They can guess up to the number mentioned by the Spymaster’s clue.
  5. Revealing: When an Operative selects a word card, the Spymaster reveals whether it is correct or not. If the word is correct, the Operatives keep it and may continue guessing. If it is incorrect, the word card goes to the opposing team, and their turn ends.
  6. Other Cards: The grid may also contain neutral cards and cards that represent an hitman. The neutral cards have no team affiliation, and the hitman card is associated with both teams. If an Operative guesses a neutral card, their turn ends. If they guess the hitman card, their team immediately loses the game.
  7. Game End: The game ends when all the words have been correctly guessed by either team, or if an Operative guesses the hitman card. The team that correctly guesses all their words first wins.

Remember, the Spymaster needs to be strategic in giving clues that relate to multiple words but do not mislead their teammates to guess the opposing team’s words or the hitman card. The Operatives need to carefully consider the clues and make educated guesses to maximize their chances of success.