Does this thumbnail violate Community Guidelines

Roblox has a rule against Blood & Gore and I’m not sure if this would violate that rule.
At the bottom of the image, blood is depicted. I’m not sure if this counts as blood because it is not real blood, only a painting/drawing.


Here is the rule I found in the Community Guidelines

Although some experiences on Roblox may include weapons and violence, we don’t allow content that contains extreme violence or serious physical or psychological abuse, including:

Animal abuse and torture
Realistic or real-world depictions of extreme gore, graphic violence, or death

Its a low res painting of a conflict no one probably knows about. And no offense to Blood Engine who’s thumbnail is literally a roblox characters head getting blown off, I think you are fine.


It says “real-world depictions of exteme gore, graphic violence, or death”.

#1 it’s not real-world because its a painting
#2 it’s not extreme gore

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Still, you never know with today’s mods :man_shrugging:


the majority of moderation is done with auto-mod now. human moderation is only for more serious accusations/appeals.
tbh i don’t even think the auto mod could tell apart the blood from the rest of it. the weapons might set it off though, who really knows.
i think it will be fine

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No, you’re good to go.

For future reference, if it’s less graphic than a ketchup packet damaged in shipping, it’s probably nothing to worry about.

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Unfortunately, I was banned for 24 hours. I assume this was the doing of auto-moderation.


Apologies for my incorrect assumption. I’m surprised this got banned, when there are many worse images that get accepted.

I hope you were able to appeal successfully?
I also don’t doubt it was auto-mod. What did you title the image as when uploading it?

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Should have uploaded it on an alt as do most other developers now when it comes to things like this. Image moderation in this day is like playing Russian Roulette with your roblox account.

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Don’t feel guilty, moderation is kinda crazy. I uploaded it as an icon so there was no title to the image.


It may be because of this, under “Real-World Sensitive Events”:

  • Mass acts of violence against people or property

But I don’t know for sure.