Dogu15, a mesh deform R15 Rig [Updated!]

Hmmm, also my walking animation also makes the same arm issue, at this point I don’t know if it is the rig or the animation, this is making my head hurt trying to fix it, but, alright… I think.

Fire! Benere told me to come here, very useful!

This is so COOL! I’m really happy this exists, I might be able to attempt a GFX in studio with the look of the limbs bending naturally. Wish me luck!

Will you make it an r6 version of it?

R6 version sounds like easy thing to do with bones. I won’t do it sadly, but I will mention few things.

  • I’m not sure if Roblox has fixed bone-humanoid interaction (disappearing model when bone is offscreen)
  • I’m not sure if it will texture properly.

I really like this but, I would love it if you could fix the limb’s invisibility inside, where you can see the inside of the mesh, but the mesh is the void:

this happens when you resize the legs, havent tried it with the arms but I bet the same thing happens

I think roblox messed up, or, something messed up? that is in your game, happening with me aswell.

Yeah, its fixed now, Roblox issue for sure.

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IN LOVE, gonna use this for my games.

Hey, sorry for raising the question by @niftycheese again, but could you please elaborate on how you manually create skinned rigs in Studio that work without any Bones? What do you mean by “center points of parts”, what do you use them for, and how? I understand how to make skinned rigs with Bones in Blender, but having skinned rigs without any Bones, like your “Dogu15 Deform Rig”, seems way better to me. Thanks! :happy3:

“Center point” is a middle point of 2 parts.
I calculate the position with simple maths.

Attachments use the said point as reference - think of it as a bend!

Thanks for the quick reply! How do the vertices of let’s say the “LeftLowerArm” MeshPart know which Attachments to follow and by how much? Do you achieve that in Blender by using Vertex Groups but naming them after Attachments instead of Bones?

I figured it out. In order to have skinned rigs working without any Bones in Studio, a rig still has to be created in Blender with Bones but the Bones have to be named after the body parts. I’ve attached an image of how I named mine:

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How did you manage to do a mesh deformed rig, using multiple parts? I’m doing a game and that would help me a lot

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Can you make ummm… all type of rigs skinned?

how do i get this into blender? im having issues exporting. the meshes dont connect to the rig. if i move a bone the mesh doesnt move with it.

Small typo I noticed:


  • It respects R15 proporions more.


Very helpful! :grin:

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Absolutely amazing. Will definitely use. Thank you so much!

I’m happy to announce that I’m considering returning to work on this rig.

My motivations:

  • A project I will be working on, under my Dogu Zone group will utilize this rig for art style purposes.
  • Fixing the gap problem when bending upper / lower limb.
  • Making torso one single part, which should be possible.

I’m still seeking a proper R15 skeleton which isn’t Rthro-scaled, just 1.0 scaled.
If anyone knows where I can find one, let me know!


While working on a project of my own I have repeatedly stumbled upon your posts on the devforum, and found them quite intriguing. While I haven’t exactly worked directly with your models (I’m more of a “do-it-myself” kinda person so I often overlook open source resources), I thought you’d might want to see this considering you’re choosing to continue working on the project:

Maybe we can get in contact? :slight_smile: