Dogu15, a mesh deform R15 Rig [Updated!]

Those are nicer bends than what I currently have!

Weight painting is an annoying process, if you ask.

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Glad to hear that! I hope this new version is better than before. And thank you for returning back to work on this rig. It’s such a good resource for new developers, and I prefer using this rig to the default R15 rig.

I hope this is fixed, it’s happening everywhere! For instance, whenever I use the IK mode, the arms and legs’ are gapping. It would be great if it didn’t!

Why would anyone use the IK mode? Well, I’ve been using that for a year now, and I’m in love with it! It makes animating much easier. Sure, I can use Blender but not really a fan of it.

    The arms and legs are gapping when I use IK mode! This is very annoying, it filters me so much. Appreciate it if this is fixed in the newer version.
    But, not only that… The joints are also dislocating whenever I tried moving the upper limbs! This is very annoying, and it aggravates me so much! I hated it when I see it. It just slows me down.

This is awesome! Although, you should probably include the ones without the deformed torso. Some people might prefer using that over the deformed torso. Just saying, no offence. Like, me! I like using the current one but there are just so many issues with it. It’s not bearable. The rig works, but as stated above. So annoying to work with! And sorry for the long post, I’m just excited for the new version of the rig. This rig has potential, and it’s really good. I can’t wait for the future of this rig, it has a lot to offer. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: That’s all from me, thank you so much. God bless you for making this rig.
~ Kind Regards

You also might want to take a look at Ethario‘s work. I’ve been kinda reaching out to both you and them due to the similarities between all of our separate projects, I’d love to get a chance to compare our work! Let me know if you want to get in contact, I can send you info. Otherwise, good luck on your project!

Also yes, weight painting stinks.

I’m not sure how IK breaks it. It’s pretty much Roblox animation stuff, right?
I assume IK animator doesn’t use Motor work much - I recall it relied on physics more.

Also yeah, I’m glad I finished college - it means I can spend time on dev stuff a bit more.


I think so, yeah. You have a point right there. Well, if there’s no way to fix that it’s fine! As long as the gaps are fixed, I’m satisfied. :slightly_smiling_face: Besides, I’m already in love with this rig. I’ve been using it a lot lately for my projects that involved with R15 style. And I can’t wait to replace the current rig with your newest and improved rig. Good luck on the rig, I have this post notification set to ‘Watching’ for future announcements. Thanks again, much love. :heart: Cheers! :tropical_drink:

Hey, just to inform you that this is also happening with Moon Animator. I took a clip of the issue so you can take a look at it furthermore in terms of details.
I don’t know if this is possible to fix but yeah, either way, it’s very frustrating to work with :expressionless:. Moon Animator, and IK mode via the built-in Animation Editor by Roblox.

No clue about MoonEditor.
I’m using the model + recent ME edition.

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Hey! I’ve been working on a public S15 rig for a couple weeks now and what’s been the most annoying part is UV mapping on clothing. I’ve pretty much got it down like 99% but I’m super intrigued on how you’ve managed to get yours to be pixel perfect?


Roblox’s UV mapping process has been a complete headache to me so far so if you could shed some light on your process here or privately that’d be great!


Blender has “Snap to Pixels” property under UV tab.

It’s pretty easy to enable.


Official update is out! I still have to update this thread :wink:


Great!!! So happy that you updated the rig! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hey guys, I have updated the example place and possibly masked the gap issue.
Once you reset, there is no “holes”.

I want your feedback and bug reports if there’s any issue with the rig :wink:


How would I possibly use this as a ragdoll? It is not working for me

Can you elaborate? I’ve seen multiple people using this with ragdolls.

Slowly making it a full deformed rig I see.

Love the update, thanks dogu! :heart:

I’d go for whole if it wasn’t for R15 hands + feet:

  • Texturing format separates them from the lower and upper limbs.
  • Many animations ("/e tilt" for example) have weird hand motion. Those animations don’t translate into blocky hands, they were done for Rthro purposes.

Since I published my modelling files, this will assist in creation of many rigs.


I hope so.

But, its already a great start, we appreciate all that things you’re doing and for free.

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@Dogutsune Hello :wave: Sorry for my ignorance, but how did you make the “ThumbnailPose” one to keep that pose in studio.

Awesome Rig. I got one question. How in the world did u manage to UV unwrap your rig properly to fit Roblox’s Shirt and Pants? Before I stumbled upon your post I was trying to do my own custom r15 rig but was struggling to unwrap my rig to fit Roblox’s shirt and pants. I tried looking it up and couldn’t find anything; I was almost convinced it was impossible. Can you tell me how u managed to figure where to map ur UVs? I noticed u provided the UV reference but how did u get that reference?

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Thanks for the Rig! You make really unique resources for the community to use!

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