Dogu15 Rig [Layered]

You could check those posts.


Thanks, that helped a bit, but as i’m not an “great” developer I can’t get it working, maybe i’ll talk with clonetrooper for an help, or not, i’m not so sure if he will respond me.

Is it possible to add thin cell shading to the skinned mesh rig I’ve been trying but I cant figure out how the mesh deformation works well using multiple parts, could you provide an fbx or obj of the deform rig or maybe .blend

Hey, dogu! have you still been trying to make it full deform? or if someone did it, please, help me with that, really need it :slight_smile:

I did, its time consuming, but not hard!

I used it here:

I might add @WesFluff’s script

That is amazing, do you think you could share it with me? I have no skill on making that, we could talk by personal messages if you want, please, respond me there!

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My friend was testing some minutes ago and noticed that one of the arms are down and one up, he said its not the animation, maybe an issue on the mesh, you know something about that, dogu? Screenshot_24

It is the animation.

The images looks the same for me, one of the arm is still down, its strange, I removed and also replaced the animations but the arm is still down.

The top image is Dogu15, the bottom image is a default R15 avatar. The arms are positioned that way because that’s just how the animation looks, not because of Dogu15.

Hmmm, also my walking animation also makes the same arm issue, at this point I don’t know if it is the rig or the animation, this is making my head hurt trying to fix it, but, alright… I think.

Fire! Benere told me to come here, very useful!

This is so COOL! I’m really happy this exists, I might be able to attempt a GFX in studio with the look of the limbs bending naturally. Wish me luck!

Will you make it an r6 version of it?

R6 version sounds like easy thing to do with bones. I won’t do it sadly, but I will mention few things.

  • I’m not sure if Roblox has fixed bone-humanoid interaction (disappearing model when bone is offscreen)
  • I’m not sure if it will texture properly.

I really like this but, I would love it if you could fix the limb’s invisibility inside, where you can see the inside of the mesh, but the mesh is the void:

this happens when you resize the legs, havent tried it with the arms but I bet the same thing happens

I think roblox messed up, or, something messed up? that is in your game, happening with me aswell.

Yeah, its fixed now, Roblox issue for sure.

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