Doing a free build [CLOSED

Hey! I will be doing a free build to get more experience, and hopefully get more examples to add to my portfolio. I will only be taking 1 person, and I will need at the most, 1 week to finish the build I won’t be doing entire game builds, I will only be doing 1 lobby/1 room at a time. If interested, please dm me at

@Catherine858#8796 on discord.

Examples of build:


Hey, can you build me a low-poly castle? (just outside borders, no interiors.

For example, this but without the interior (inside) castle parts, just the outside border part of the castle.

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ru in need of a modeller? i have been following your game and studio progress and success for a while

REOPENED! I will be doing another free build! First come, first serve.

I’m interested
Talk to me on discord

Dang it, I keep coming too late. Love your work though! Keep up the great work!

It’s still open! I’ve been finishing the builds fairly fast, so I’m taking a few more.

Hi! Are you able to make a gaming chair, please?
I don’t have discord, sadly. Is that still ok?

Hello! I want to make a restaurant game. Can you make a free model for me?

Did a really nice castle for me!
Build was also really cool and precise! I recommend :+1:

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Shoot I forgot to check this post again, well anyways if ever possible I’d love to commission you!