DOLLOR TREE Training Facility - Update Log


The DevTeam



Moral Support

Recent Update

Version 1.0.6:

  • Added a LiveEvent for New Years day.
  • Remastered SFX’s for the Immersion
  • Changed Ambient to Winter Theme until March 3rd.
  • I forgor :skull:

Update Archive

Version 0.5.7
  • Added functions to the Fusebox (Alarm, lights, etc.)
  • Updated the Light Placement
  • Updated weather for Christmas
  • Added Christmas Decor
  • Added various sounds for specific positions of the warehouse for improved immersion.

Version 0.4.9
  • Completely fixed the lights compositions
  • Added a Fusebox
  • Weather System

Version 0.4.5
  • Release!

Version 0.3.9
  • Added an Outside, with ambient
  • Updated to Future Lighting
  • Added a Training Point System (Max Pts: 250)

Version 0.2.8
  • Inside Details added
  • Removed Clipping in the walls

Version 0.1.0
  • Started Development

Planned Ideas

Virtual Reality Support [❌]

Organ Trafficking [:heavy_check_mark:]