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About Me
My username is DOMlNlON, I joined ROBLOX in 2013 with the same aspirations everyone else has; creating my imaginations in the virtual world. I’m a UK-based Student that loves to explore all paths of education, regardless of pop culture interests.

Nowadays I’m heavily invested in UI design, as you’ll see that’s the majority of my work. Building is also an area of Game Design that I’m interested in, and continue to develop skills in. I’m fairly new to Animating, and the process of getting there was hard for me as I didn’t have a clue what I was doing or why I was doing it wrong, but now that I know how it works, I’m intrigued by character animating as a sideshow to my Building.

The most popular game I created (designed and built) is LINE BATTLES: American Revolutionary War. Currently, the game has 3 million visits and 50 concurrent players usually 24/7.

My Story (Not to do with my role as Community Manager)

Many people in my discord server ask why I no longer own the group with 50K members, the Kingdom of Great Britain; that owns Line Battles. In this post, I’ll explain it in full.

Well, back in 2018, I was due to have a massive operation; 7 hours of surgery.

As soon as I told everyone of the news, I was manipulated into passing the game’s responsibility to my best friend, by him. I did this because I wanted to preserve my game without the risk of it becoming inactive while I was in the hospital. Just a few days before my operation, we came to a hurried agreement, in which I was hesitant and vulnerable because of stress due to the imminent 7hr operation. We agreed that all assets will belong to him during his stay while I was gone, he twisted these words, trying to justify him revoking his decision to temporarily administer the group – again, I was in a rush for the wellbeing of the group.

When I came back from the surgery, I was adamant on getting back into developing; while allowing my best friend to hold the group for a while longer, as he hasn’t messed anything up yet. This was a mistake. I gave him the benefit of the doubt when he failed to deliver promises with development. I continued developing for the group, working to keep it alive, until I had enough of him not being involved or interacting with the group as much as he has promised during the agreement. I asked for the group back, knowing that his stubbornness would hinder the agreement and he’d probably be in denial of being irresponsible, but it was worth a shot to ask for my creations back, even though this should’ve been an easy thing to do, as we agreed, as aforementioned, that if he wasn’t doing enough I could get the group back.

He was, as foreseen, in denial. He didn’t return my group and in the process the IPs I made – which was most of the group’s assets – and instead claimed it as his own, under the group. I stopped developing, left the group, and boycotted him. I was furious, upset and mad, even going so that to blame the surgery itself for causing this.

Anyway, doubtful most people read through all of that, but I had to get it out of my system somewhere people could actually acknowledge and possibly share their similar scenarios.

The purpose of showing my work is to explain to people what my path of development is. I don’t take commissions or work for anyone yet.


User Interface Design

Special Containment Procedures Foundation (PROJECT ABANDONED):

The Galactic Empire (PROJECT ABANDONED):

Kingdom of Great Britain:
Uniform Selector



Rome (PROJECT ABANDONED) (Took 2 days to complete):


Graphic Design

Group & Game Icons*:


Kingdom of Great Britain:
gameicon6* rally* TC*
Roman Empire:
LEGX3 LEGXI3 main2 PG5

Viper Clothing Store:



* * *


These are my first R15 animations, but I think it’s worth leaving them here for reference.
Assault Rifle

Metal Bat (head animation removed)

*Renders are other peoples’ work, notably Agency_Manager and Dobblo. All other Graphic work is done by me.

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If you have any recommendations concerning my work, please let me know! :smile:

Thanks for reading! :yum:


I didn’t mean to push no on the poll; this work is very good.

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This is the first time I’ve come across a evaluation request which is rather humble of you.

Regarding your present builds i’d say you’re more than qualified. Lighting isn’t bad nor are the skyboxes chosen though I feel as if a different scenery might’ve made the build pop more.

The present UI seems rather bland in my opinion, it seems as if you’ve gotten too comfortable with the simplicity of a square and hadn’t bothered to experiment outside of your comfort zone.

As for the renders I feel as if it’s great for simplicity however I personally wouldn’t use that service unless I was desperate for an icon. To me it looks like you combined two transparent images without playing around with the lighting or adding any eye catching details. I’d recommend checking out this portfolio for inspiration. The fonts chosen just isn’t that appealing in my opinion nor do I believe roblox’s logo was necessary in the graphic’s listed above.

Present animations aren’t bad though a few aren’t synced the best which could’ve been a programming flaw. The knife had been the smoothest however instead of traditionally going for the upper body… it seems as if you’re aiming for the lower body. Nothing wrong with doing so just it felt off in my opinion.

I’m going to assume this story was an introduction to your alleged community management abilities. While it’s unfortunate that a personal feud prevented you from continuing development there’s quite a few red flags that shouldn’t have occurred in the first place.

No matter how you word it, if your friend had zero involvement in development than they should’ve had limited power within the group. If you’re justifying this downfall due to surgery or being in the worse state of mind than I question what is preventing you from repeating the mistake if you reached rock bottom again.

To me it seems as if you allow your feelings to potentially jeopardize any business related matters. If I hypothetically hired you to lead or be in charge temporarily I wouldn’t care if you were going through another tough time or not since reality is if I’m entrusting you with my brand while I’m away than I expect it to had grown or at the very least not fall apart by the time I return.

You should’ve ended all affiliations once you saw he wasn’t reliable. What you had done was an act of favoritism, bias which shows me you either struggle or are incapable of making tough choices.

I hope you understand I’m not attacking you or scolding you for your past mistakes, i’m simply giving my perspective on how it shouldn’t be brushed off and should instead be viewed as a life lesson. Anywhom… welcome to the dev forums and I look forward to what you’re capable of.


Hi PurpSinister,


I’m glad that you see me as someone more than equipped for the developer forum concerning my building. I appreciate your input into the lighting preferences and scenery, and to be brutally honest to myself, I agree with you. Although, I made the place in 2 days maximum. I had to compensate quality for time – which is alright as I made it for myself (I’ll edit the portfolio and put this information in there :slightly_smiling_face:).

I agree that the style of my UI is basic. Sometimes if I do Sci-Fi themed projects regarding UI, I focus on simplicity more than I do in other genres. Perhaps this is a bad habit of mine that I have to resolve to improve.

The renders weren’t done by me if you’re referring to the Line Battles, Rally and Town Centre Icons/Thumbnails; referenced the developers I worked with after my showcase :yum:. I agree that the Imperator font on these images was a wrong turn. Although it was the only font that looked right, to be honest, I tried switching them out to find the right one multiple times. Also, Ted ( @TheGreatAlexander ) is an exquisite UI designer to take notes from, I’ll keep it in mind.

In my defence, they were my first animations in R15 but I felt it necessary to include them just in case anyone asked who made the in-game animations (I’ll also mention this in the animation section).

My Story

This section of the post is for people wondering about the situation regarding me and the current group owner, as that’s what is most commonly asked about me on ROBLOX; this is how most people know me, unfortunately.

He played a role in the group and game’s development that was too minor to mention, maybe an insignificant script or two. He promised to provide tech that the group hadn’t seen in other groups in the genre, but alas, he never delivered on this. In my defence, he was known as a community manager; not to mention my long-time best friend. He was in my eyes, capable of running the group. I believe group income swayed him into keeping the group for himself, instead of keeping to the agreement’s terms.

Well, this is an emotional area for me to justify. I don’t think there is a rock bottom similar to the life-threatening surgery that I faced, and I hope that no one even gets as close to thinking they’re at risk of dying on a surgical bed, knowing the risks and possibilities after being told them by your surgeon because it’s illegal not to. This was a massive operation I was due to undergo; it’s irrational to say I could repeat this when I’ve learnt the mistakes and effects of preserving a group whilst I’m on a gurney; which is where I made these decisions. You didn’t hit a nerve, don’t worry. I’m just not up for debate when it comes to this area. It’s the work that I do that is important to the developer forum.

I had the same thought process as you do. I hired someone I thought was capable, but they ended up as a letdown for the group and caused me to lose everything I earned. Perhaps this is a ripple effect, I don’t know.

Trust me my friend, I realise that now, but at the time he was still the guy that owned the group that I created, and that I had ease to request funding from, whilst being around a community I loved :slightly_smiling_face:.

I completely understand where you were coming from and retain my appreciation for your feedback on my portfolio, I’d love to hear a response from you regarding this follow-up. As aforementioned, the story section of the post is dedicated to my old group’s community, who dearly love me and want me back as their owner. I can’t respond to every single one of them as they’ve all been ripped from me; contact wise. Should also serve as a life lesson for any other person out there who could one day be taken advantaged of by a malevolent opportunist.

Thanks for welcoming me. :grin::+1:


This is crazy, you have so many talents!


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Read your story bro, sad stuff

Nice work, I love your work. I respect the details that I don’t see a lot of people make. I think I encourage you to work on things like the Bloxy Awards. You got talent, you just got to get your name out there.

You got a discord where I can contact you? Details are flashy and lively. Would love to collab with you. And I am pretty sure a lot of other people would too. You are talented and consider it gifted. Man, sorry for the loss of your big group. But I doubt a group without a proper developer could get far. I just hope you learn from your experience. I love reading people’s stories, by the way. :wink:

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What’s your animation prices? :slight_smile:

The animations I put on my portfolio were my first ever. I’d have to work on my animating technique before I can provide a price for services in the future. :+1: