Don’t allow likes from DMs to use your “like budget”

Currently on the DevForum, we have a like limit. From what I’ve heard, you can only have 50 likes a day to use.

This is mostly fine, however this limit also applies to DMs. Me and @GamersInternational, @Ty_Scripts, and some others have a little “groupchat” using DevForum messages. It got pretty big to the point where we have about 2 messages with 500- replies. There’s a 500 reply limit which is also pretty annoying, we have almost 3 entire “topics”.

There is no reason to have the like limit affected by likes inside DMs. Especially since Likes that come from DMs don’t count on your profile at all.

Inside DMs, Likes are a way to “mark as read”, or to agree with someone. That’s why I don’t think likes that are given inside DMs should take away from your daily max likes.

Everything else about Likes, like not showing up at all in your profile like I said, doesn’t affect the rest of the DevForum, however, it affects in the sense of limiting your like count. Limits per second and shoud be kept, but the entire DMs affecting your like-limit is pretty annoying.

This is annoying to have all the time.


“Just stop liking posts?”

I don’t think you understand how active this ‘group chat’ is. This is problematic even if you aren’t in a big active message. We get about 30 replies every 30 minutes a LOT of times. You’re not expected to just ignore them.


Don’t think that this is possible. Discourse gives users a general pool of likes users can take from. Unfortunately, they also treat private messages the same way posts are so it’s impossible.

Also, best to just move those “chats” to discord.

Edit: Just checked the back end for a discourse forum I run and it’s unfortunately impossible to separate the like pool into 2. Only real solution here is to expand the pool but the use case you gave is too weak.


While I understand the frustration, you use case is not a valid case.

This is a forum, not a chat. It should not be treated as a chat.

Also, I don’t see why you can’t just not like posts, even if you keep this “chat”. It doesn’t seem right, I don’t agree with your use-case.


Still doesn’t make sense why messages take up that limit. Everywhere else, likes are not counted, they should not be counted on the limit either.

The only reason we’re using the DevForum to talk, is because both of the people I mention, DO NOT use DISCORD for safety reasons. I would if I could, but that’s not the case.

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Issue is that me and @ty_scripts in the chat does not use the platform.

also social media such as discord eats up your time

Unfortunately, the forum cannot cater to just a handful of users out of thousands. Besides,

It isn’t possible anyways.

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So you’re willing to waste time on the devforum instead? Your logic is kinda flawed…


Yes. Way more productive also. Discord is way more dangerous to navigate on. Ahem, predators.

I have a question since you seem to know about Discourse, is how do they calculate the likes given and received without counting the ones from DMs? (just realized it sounded weird um, question because it could’ve been used to do something about it?)

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This is an even dumber reason since there are predators who are also developers and you can also keep your discord safe if you only talk to friends without joining any server. But it’s your logic and not mine :woman_shrugging:


Not entirely sure but I am pretty sure that they count the same way they do likes for a regular post since they never separate the two. Besides,

Just because I run a forum, doesn’t mean that I know everything about it. If you have any questions regarding Discourse itself, their meta is the place to go.


That’s true, but you can have way better communication between DevForum moderators about that, if ANYTHING happens.

anyway ok


Before anyone else says “bring the conversation to Discord”, let me just say this:

The group of developers that are making this feature request do not use Discord, and only use the group system in the DevForums.

I agree with this feature request because liking is a way of showing that you like the response, and likes in DMs are not counted in the like statistic. There is no reason why this feature shouldn’t be implemented.


Avoiding Discord for “safety” reasons is silly. The devforums can have the same exact issue, it isn’t automatically “safer”, the devforum is 13+ anyway just like Discord, so it is expected you have some level of maturity online. Discord also has a trust and safety team for you to report bad people, so you can report these “predators” that you are so afraid of. Similar to the developer engagement team here to report bad posts to. I’ve been using Discord for 5 years now, and haven’t encountered any of these issues. You also wouldn’t react to every message in a Discord group chat with a heart – so why do it on the devforum?

Just use Discord, seriously, some job offers in #collaboration:recruitment will even require you to have Discord because that is how good it is for communication. It is also great for fast-paced communication. After all, chat quite literally means


which forum software is not suitable for, hence the topic.

And like mention above, there are privacy settings you can configure on your account to disable others from sending you messages or friend requests.

I don’t think forum engineers should waste time implementing something only three users will benefit from.


I don’t really see the use, since the DevForum is a forum, not a chat.

Your use case is too weak. I understand you don’t want to use Discord but that doesn’t mean that the DevForums, which is a place to learn, help other devs, discuss, and post your creations, should start catering to your extremely specific needs. Again, you don’t need to like every post.


As a related issue, you can still like even though you are above your like limit-you just have to close out of the pop-up.

You actually can’t, it will only show as if it was liked, but really it didn’t, if you refresh the page, it says unliked. However I do agree that behaviour should change so that you don’t see it as if you liked it.

It’s yet another program though that’s coming on start-up. People don’t realise that parents of some developers on here do not want their kids using the platform.

You can’t exactly say this, many people would be benefiting from this.

I’m sure you could experience issues in a server without people sending you a DM or an FR.

If you refresh your page, it’ll show that the post is unliked.

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Can you give a better use case for it then?

You still don’t have to join any servers or if you do make a server to chat in, you can make sure that it’s as secure as possible. Discord and its bot developers can allow it to make it really secure and safe for you.

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People use likes a lot of times to “mark as read” or let the person know they understand, agree, with something. If someone is getting a lot of messages (on the DevForum) for commisions, or anything really, that will become annoying and they will start not liking these, letting the person on the other side think they didn’t consider anything, or like it.

Since it’s a hard change to do as you claim, I understand it being annoying and probably not happening.

However, I still think likes from messages shouldn’t count to the limit. The limit itself isn’t bad, but it affecting messages doesn’t make sense. I’ll try giving a feature request on Discourse later.

I think that’s a trauma type of thing, I usually don’t talk about it because of that.

You know that you can just respond to those without liking them? You can always simply respond to the person saying that your commissions are full or simply not interested. It’s called common courtesy.

Hard to separate the pool? I’m pretty sure it’s impossible. The pool expands with your trust level and since you have a habit of liking those and the use case still doesn’t seem to be strong enough, I suggest you change your habits.

Also, the limit of DMs is set and can’t be changed. There’s no setting for that.