Donation leaderboard 2D

So I wanted to make a donation leaderboard but I’m not sure what steps to take I’ve looked at the top donation boards and the scripts were all in a different model so I didn’t have anything to reference. I already know how to prompt and detect if a player bought a dev product but how do I make a donation leaderboard out of that? What do I need to learn in order to make it?

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I will be honest; I don’t think people will help you if you want The Project.

1: For reference, i think you can’t find a helpful tutorial.
I recommend you to don’t try find tutorial about that.

2: Creating a donation isn’t so hard. I recommend you to learn TweenService, UDIM2(and others) , Dataservice And MarketPlaceService.

3: How do you make a donation leaderboard out of bought dev product? When purchase is completed, save the player to a dataservice. And set leaderboard as this dataservice.

I hope i was able to help.