Don't try to select all blocks when ungrouping a model

When ungrouping a big model the studio ALWAYS crash.
Please don’t try to select all parts in a model that you’ve ungrouped if the content is over 1000 bricks, cause it never works.

For now, if you need to ungroup a really large model then you can do it using the command bar (go through all of the model’s children and change their parent to X, then destroy the model)

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Make sure that when you select a large number of bricks, you don’t have the resize tool selected. I can select any number of parts so long as I use the select tool.

Does not work for majority of people.

I’d like to bump this post again since my studio once again crashed trying to ungroup a semi large model.

I think the behavior itself is fine. Often times when you ungroup a model it’s because you want to do something else with its contents, right? Instead, the studio’s performance should be improved to make it more reliable and crash less frequently in these kind of situations.

Edit: Shouldn’t this be in studio feature requests?

Wouldn’t this issue be avoided if you grouped your models in a more organized manner? It sounds like you have thousands of parts in a single model (without submodels) which seems to be the issue, or am I missing something?

I do group very structured but in this case I had to make a script to group all masonry parts in a model to move it.

I believe that in either case, a simple matter of ungrouping a model shouldn’t crash your studio no matter how big the model is. It should get like a processing bar or something instead.

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The current behavior is incredibly helpful; if you’re having huge problems just do it chunks at a time by dragging pieces of the model into Workspace.

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This does:

Anyone is able to install a plugin. Even non-scripters. That being said, it’d still be nice if selection boxes were handled better so they didn’t freeze studio when lots were being created.

You can program just fine, so I don’t know why you didn’t just use the command bar.

Can you send me a model/place file that crashes for you, along with your machine specs?