Doobb_yyus - Scripter, UI Designer, and Discord Bot Developer

Hello, i’m Doobb_yyus (formely chexyalani),

I’m an advanced scripter on roblox, a novice ui designer, and a novice discord bot developer. Currently, i’m doing commissions to earn some robux to sponsor my games and for other purposes

My work:

I have made a lot of games, most of them are abandoned, currently working on it, or being remade. I’ve also made some other things like weapons, a mod call system to send messages to discord and an admin system

Block Games: game i’m working on now

Musical Blocks: abandoned

Build to Survive: abandoned

Minigun: a weapon I made as a contribution to another game

Idiot Fight: game i’m making with ragdoll mechanics(is currently being remade)

CX Admin Commands: admin commands under development


  • I am not wanting to be a full-time developer for you, i’m only doing commissions for you

  • If you want me to make a discord bot for you, i’m not going to be the one to host it

  • I have more things that I have made, like more places I made on roblox, my modcall system, and my bots. Contact me if you want to see more


I’m accepting around 1k - 15k robux. Robux is the only way i’m accepting payment. Prices are negotiable.


We can talk here, or on discord: crazy doobby#8283


Are you still for hire?
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