Doors-Like First Person

Hey. I’ve been looking for a nice first person script, but I can’t find one that I really like, because I want to recreate the first person effects from Doors, and the first person scripts I’ve been able to find on the toolbox are good, but they don’t have the same effects doors has, mainly the slight tilting of the camera left/right when looking around, which is a subtle touch but really makes it feel more alive rather than just plain old first person. If anyone could help it would be appreciated!

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Hey, I’m sorry I can’t help you specifically, since what you are asking for is a bit impossible to know the exact values of the doors script, but you can make a similar one with the camera position and a little lerp effect.

It’s mainly “physics” and “gravity” yet not really.
First-Person is quite simple, then you just need something to show the character’s body, and then if the player is running and turns at an angle or certain part it can make the camera slower so it’s delayed. There are many scripts like this on Youtube.