Doritoz Group Intern+ Ranking guide!

This is the ranking guide for my group of chaos, the Doritoz Group! Anyone that would like to be an intern or anything above that, should read this guide on instructions on how to progress in this group!

Intern: As Intern, your job is to observe higher ranking group members on how we properly run the group. You may also be asked for recommendations regarding the group. To be intern you have to be atleast the rank of “COOLEST Dorito.” Grammar and professionalism isn’t required to be this rank (or any above) because with a name like “Doritoz Group”, nobody will take us seriously anyways, and that’s okay.

Moderator: Moderators are tasked with keeping the groups wall in line with the group’s rules and Roblox Terms of Service. To apply for this rank, you would have to spend two months in internship, and then take a quiz to show that you do in fact, know the group’s rules, and to be honest, if you’ve spent two months in this group, you should probably know them.

Administrator: As administrator, or “Admin” for short, your job is to give meaningful suggestions to the group (its games, sub groups, etc.) Admins should also have expertise in any sort of Roblox development, to help assist the overall development of the group. To be able to apply for this rank, you must be in Internship for at least 2 months, and have at least basic skills in any form of Roblox/Group development.

All ranks applied for will have to take an entry quiz.

Alright thank you for reading, have a good day and good luck!

Some of these requirements may change over time!

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